Rimuski en Viena

Actualmente en producción en Viena para Wiener Festwochen, será presentado en Brut Thetater en Konzerthauz,

Estreno 18 de mayo – 20hs

Funciones 19, 20 y 21 de mayo – 20hs

Con la no actuación de 5 taxistas nigerianos miembros de la Asociación de Taxistas Africanos de Viena.

Pero ¿Qué es Rimuski?

Extraído del programa del Festival “Wiener Festwochen”:

RIMUSKI. A stage documentary project by Roger Bernat and Ignasi Duarte. Video and technical design by Txalo Toloza-Fernández, In co-operation with the African Taxi Association Vienna (ATA).

“The perfect city would be called Rimuski. The planet it is located on has no name yet.”

Together with taxi drivers in Vienna, young Spanish director Roger Bernat will try to find Rimuski. After all, who knows a city better than its taxi drivers?

The stage design is of a typical taxi dispatch office. Five African taxi drivers meet there. In permanent contact with their colleagues on night duty, they keep track of the different ongoing trips and not only share secrets of Vienna’s geography – where can you buy a bouquet of fresh roses at 3 a.m.? – but also show us places of the imagination that enable them to recognise their “city of the future”.

In what kind of city do we want to live? This urban safari blends the taxi drivers’ dreams for their future and past experiences into one whole and thereby traces the map of a city that might also be called Rimuski. Do we know the Vienna that these taxi drivers reveal to us?

Roger Bernat has already taken his taxi driver project to Cairo, Lisbon, Rabat and Moscow. In 2005, Wiener Festwochen presented Amnèsia de fuga, a piece involving ten Indians and Pakistanis. Bernat, a key personality of young Catalan theatre, has developed his very own documentary form of reality research in co-operation with non-actors.