11-15N: Domini Públic (instalación) en Bruselas.


Roger Bernat, a theatre-maker who originates from Belgium, has for some years been creating highly socially-committed films about and with various social groups, such as transvestites and taxi drivers, in Barcelona. In Public Domain he once again breaks open theatre and involves the audience in the events in a way that is subtle but non-participatory.

11/11/2008 – 14:00-20:00 – Kaaistudio’s & La Raffinerie
12/11/2008 – 16:00-19:30 – Kaaistudio’s
12/11/2008 – 16:00-20:00 – La Raffinerie
13/11/2008 – 16:00-20:00 – Kaaistudio’s & La Raffinerie
14/11/2008 – 16:00-20:00 – Kaaistudio’s & La Raffinerie
15/11/2008 – 14:00-19:00 – Kaaistudio’s
15/11/2008 – 14:00-20:00 – La Raffinerie

The current APAP-project, titled The Art of Survival – Artistic Views on the Social, offers the artists involved a chance to dig into some pertinent questions on social themes such as migration and a transcultural dialog, (neo-) colonialism, the ethnographic approach to a culture, …

From 11th to 15th of November, some installations and video works will be presented in Kaaistudio’s and La Raffinerie: Sound of Migration – Ethnography of a European city – Someone must have been telling lies about me – Look 4 Faces Public Domain.

A number of the resulting projects are accompanied or presented by informal show cases, public debates, online presentations, …

Info: www.workspacebrussels.be



Akenkaai 2 quai des Péniches – 1000 Brussels