22M: Equipo + MPD! en Re-New Festival @ Copenhagen.


Re-new 2009 presents during May 18-22 in Copenhagen a wide selection of the newest ground-breaking works in digital music, video, installations, performative, and distributed/collaborative art. Such Digital Art is no longer an avantgarde field, but has become an integral part of our present-day Digital Culture, and in re-new 2009 we focus on the actual, practical, and artistic usages that people make of the latest technological novelties and scientific ponderings.

We see media technologies as socio-cultural techniques and embrace them in order to comprehend, comment, and contribute to the shaping of contemporary society.

We seek out artistic practices that not only respond to scientific or technical developments, but that try to influence the way in which we experience, understand, and embody these technologies.

Works in all genres and categories in multimedia related art forms where digital technologies are an unseparable part are inside our scope: those works that challenge or expand the current vocabulary and practice of digital creation, performance, and consumption. We make over 30 individual events with nearly 100 artworks, and re-new 2009 hereby becomes an internatonal meeting-point for artists and art consumers.


EQUIPO + MPD! live

Viernes 22 / 22hs @ Huset i Magstræde • Musikcafeen.

Copenhagen – Dinamarca